Our Services

Our Services

One of the main objectives of our law firm is the protection of our clients’ assets, by advising and providing the necessary tools to make investments locally and internationally, making classic investments in real estate, as well as in mutual funds and stocks. This is for the sole purpose of not only protecting and increasing the purchasing power of their assets but also preserving it from the economic policies that can erode it.

We constitute national and foreign companies in the countries where our partners and representatives are located, thus facilitating the possibility of expanding your business nationally and / or internationally.

We also make the indispensable advice when analyzing the possible contingencies of a possible acquisition and we make the review of sales contracts (due diligence).

A relevant point today is tax planning for both companies and individuals; that is why we provide a particular planning in order to reduce the tax burden through a tax planning according to the needs of each client.

We give legal advice for better and safer performance of your company, looking for the limitation of liability and always seeking the best deal for the customer.

We specialize in the settlement of civil and commercial litigations, contract law, damages, bankruptcy, corporate disputes, as well as alternative methods of conflict resolution whether mediation or arbitration..

We do successions rapidly and with the state-of-the-art professional excellence, apart from offering different alternatives and payment facilities.

Besides advising in the most efficient ways to make Real Estate investments in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Singapore, Switzerland and Italy, we have professionals there to fulfill such operations from Argentina.

We offer our knowledge to make account openings in local and international stock markets in order to channel your investments and manage your profits in a dynamic and efficient way.

In today's world, where good communication amounts to success and the possibility of providing information in several languages ​​is essential to attract and retain customers.

We offer translation services for all types of documents. We stand by the quality of our work within the agreed deadlines and the best prices.

Our services include:


These translations require the signature and seal of a sworn translator.

  • Contracts

  • Balance Sheets and Financial Reports

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaws

  • Deeds and Powers of Attorney

  • Personal documents (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts of subjects, study programs  and syllabus, diplomas, passports, criminal records, etc..)

  • Wills

  • Judgments

  • Patents


Technical Translation:

  • Economy

  • Finance

  • Advertising

  • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Marketing

  • Media

  • Telecommunications

  • Medicine

  • Insurance

  • Legal Texts

  • Websites